Special Issue: Across Screens Across Boundaries

Edited by: Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli, Elena Di Giovanni & Linda Rossato


New Challenges in Audiovisual Translation

R. M. Bollettieri, E. Di Giovanni & L. Rossato (University of Bologna, University of Macerata)

Section 1: Texts

Transmedia Storytelling, Translocal Productions:

Audiovisual Strategies of Globalization in Australia

Katherine E. Russo (University of Naples 'L'Orientale', Italy)

Representing varieties of English in film language and dubbing:

The case of Indian English

Veronica Bonsignori & Silvia Bruti (University of Pisa, Italy)

On the Use of verlan to subtitle African American Vernacular English into French:

transnational hybridity

Pierre-Alexis Mével, Jo Robinson, and Paul Tennent (University of Nottingham and Newcastle University, UK)

Double meaning re-negotiation:

Italian films in Flanders as cultural objects

Manuela Caniato (Ghent Univesity, Belgium)

Technobabble on screen:

Translating science fiction films

Monika Wozniak (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy)

Playing Cinematics:

Traditional AVT Modes in a New Audiovisual Landscape

Gianna Tarquini (University of Bologna, Italy)

Transitioning from printed novel to novel website:

a case study

Rita Wilson (Monash University, Australia)

Section 2: Audiences

Viewership 2.0:

New forms of television consumption and their impact on audiovisual translation

Alice Casarini (University of Bologna, Italy)

Audio introduction meets audio description:

an Italian experiment

Elena Di Giovanni (University of Macerata, Italy)

Legislation on audiovisual and media accessibility in Italy and beyond:

Spotlight on SDH

Agnese Morettini (University of Macerata, Italy)

Good Food, Good Fun:

An exploratory study on Italian audience consumption and perception of TV cookery programmes

Linda Rossato (University of Bologna, Italy)