Special Issue: Inclusive Theatre: Translation, Accessibility and Beyond

Edited by: Elena Di Giovanni and Francesca Raffi


Inclusive theatre-making:

Translation, accessibility and beyond

Elena Di Giovanni and Francesca Raffi (University of Macerata, Italy)


Inclusive theatre-making:

Participation, empowerment and well-being

Elena Di Giovanni (University of Macerata, Italy)

A new organizational challenge for inclusive theaters:

Who will manage the change?

Marco Luchetti and Alex Turrini (University of Macerata and Bocconi University, Italy)

Users’ expectations of zarzuela audio description:

Results from a focus group

Irene Hermosa-Ramírez and Miquel Edo (Autonomous University of Barcelona)

Audio describing visual intertextuality and cultural references as a challenge towards inclusion

Valeria Illuminati (University of Bologna, Italy)

Innovation vs Practicality vs Entertainment:

Developing and implementing affordable technological solutions for theatre accessibility

Pierre-Alexis Mével, Jo Robinson, and Paul Tennent (University of Nottingham and Newcastle University, UK)

Addressing content, technical and collaboration concerns in providing access to the D/deaf and hard of hearing audience:

Integrated theatre captioning and theatre sign language interpreting

Alina Secară and Emília Perez (University of Vienna, Austria and Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovakia)

Inclusive theatre-making on the stage:

The case of Rebekka Kricheldorf’s Homo Empathicus (2014)

Manuel Boschiero, Jana Karšaiová, Massimo Salgaro and Nicoletta Vicentini (University of Verona, Italy)